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seen. in NYC: Spur Tree


Just back from BK, I´d like to share a nice cozy spot which was recommended to us as a “wicked bar where I sometimes spin reggae tunes” by Neil Nice, a friend working at TurnTableLab.

It´s called Spur Tree and it´s located in the Lower East Side, NYC (the exact address is 76 Orchard Street, NY 10002, between Broome and Grand); easily identified by a big red sign with a black tree on it.

Wait a minute. A reggae bar and its sign is red and black? Where´s the gold and the green?

In Sean John, Dean Moodie, and Brandon Liu´s bar and restaurant, you’ll search for those colors forever. Instead of using the obvious, the Spur Tree crew stuck to simple shapes, clean, dark, natural colours, and modern artwork on the walls when re-designing the former Red Stripe Bar.

You can, of course, still order this Jamaican brew. And the menu is also still features the infamous Red Stripe Marinated Shrimp.

Here´s some details from Sean John, the owner of Spur Tree:

Q. When did Spur Tree open up?

January 2008.

Q. What did you do before?

Film production and photography and TV host.

Q. Who are you running Spur Tree with?

Chef Paul and Brandon Liu.

Q. How did you put things together?

Architecture by Brandon, interior design and decor by me and the menu was created by Chef Paul and I.

Q. What´s the concept behind Spur Tree?

I came up with the concept for a restaurant/lounge in which three major components would create a fantastic space: modern Jamaican food, good design and good music primarily from the African diaspora.

Q. I was recommended Spur Tree as a ‘reggae bar and restaurant’. Do you think this
description fits?

The description doesn’t fit. We are not trying to state the obvious. The difference is between authenticity and caricature.

Q. If you had to eat one meal on your menu every day until the last day of your life, what would it be?

Jerk lamb chops, bok choy and plantains.

Q. Red Stripe or Heineken?

Red Stripe of course!

More on Spur Tree Bar here:


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