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Sherman's Reggae Nation

Sherman, big in farin reggae circles

Readers of this blog should by now be familiar with the wisdom of Sherman Escoffery, husband, father, jerk specialist, kite-flyer and panty importer.

Sherman doesn’t actually live here anymore – he’s in New York City – but like any other Jamaican in big foreign, that gives him the confidence to pontificate about happenings in the backward place where he sends his remittances (thank you, really).

Latterly he’s become a noted commentator among the Diaspora about reggae and the government he couldn’t vote for – because he making too much money to actually live here. Published on FIRST, his ‘Jamaica nuff problems’ post also made ‘Letter of the Day’ in the Sunday Gleaner, while ‘Cancer in Jamaican Music’ has exposed him to others who like to hear the sound of their own voices.

Today, live on air you can hear his latest reggae-related rant, this time on the Reggae Nation show, audience of you, the producer and possibly Sherman’s sympathetic family. Listen, consider and then attack him either here or via @DatNiggaSherman.

Listen at 6:00 pm DST (7:00 pm Jamaican time) tonight:

How did you get on the show?
They read the Cancer In Jamaican Music and I once quoted Michael Manley so they thought I was deep.

What will you rant about?
How the radio DJ’s and groupies who say that they are radio DJ’s only play music from artist they are sleeping with or extorting.

And why should anybody care?
Because it means that LA Lewis or Goofy could be the top dancehall DJ’s if they spend enough money or give ******* the right sex.

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0 thoughts on “Sherman's Reggae Nation

  1. chin chin chin says:

    Love you sherman! i missed you last week will definitely too in today.
    Btw, the time is wrong. it should be 7:00pm EST. and 6:00 pm CST. (Central standard time) for Jamaica. During the DST america is 1hour a head of Jamaica time. :)

  2. datniggasherman says:

    Soon head back to Jamaica to lead the revolution like mi Grandfather Marcus Garvey, Just dont intend to go back as a Deportee. Afflicted, you and your brown frens better fear the guillotine ok fear the guillotine

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