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Soldiers taking on police, because it wasn’t bad enough


We know crime is bad, but soldiers turning their guns at policeman isn’t going to help. And this is just what happened to Superintendent Harry ‘Bungles’ Daley, commanding officer in Spanish Town.

The incident allegedly happened during a joint police-army operation at a dance in Spanish Town early Saturday morning i.e. precisely when they’re supposed to be working together to ensure safety for the public i.e. not waving guns in each other’s faces.

You think this might diminish the stature of Supt. Daley in the eyes of the rival One Order and Klansmen gangs who control Spanish Town between them? You think?

Soldiers and police don’t always see eye-to-eye. A former soldier once complained that on operations police usually disappear to rum bars when the work is to be done.

Oh, and there was THAT teething problem when the former Chief of Staff became Commissioner of Police…

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