First moment: Reverend Al takes a bike ride

Reverend Al Sharpton, New York, May 30, 2008. Photographed by Job Ouma.

One of the great things of having transformed First into a primarily web-driven publication is the sheer joy of avoiding pagination meetings. These meetings often meant the painful elimination of content that we liked, but didn’t have space for within the 36-page limit of First’s original printed format. Some photographs, for instance, needed to be printed as sets in order to properly communicate their context, but with this new web toy of ours, those days are happily over.

Such is the case with this series of photographs featuring the Reverend Al Sharpton pedaling around Union Square in New York City with a slew of journalists running after him. Of course, such an occasion requires more than one photograph. We have to know more. So we asked the photographer, Job Ouma, what exactly was Al doing?

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