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First recommends: Suzie's Bakery patties

Patty is the everyman’s food: traditionally exempt from tax and only recently has it reached the previously unimaginable price of $100. And then we tried the Suzie’s Bakery uptown $200 chicken patty. And you know what, it really is that good.

Suzie's Bakery chicken patty

Apart from the price its hardly convenience food. You’ll have to phone ahead to check they haven’t sold out (this is the only patty you can actually reserve) and they only sell it at their 20 Barbican Road store.

The patty itself is short and stubby like a Red Stripe bottle, with a thick and moist pie pastry; different to your usual flaky patty crust. Inside it is crammed with chicken – and not lots of sauce, little chicken like Juici Beef.

You’ll actually want to slice it in half just to look and you can get by on one of these for lunch rather than your usual two-patty purchase… well, given the price you’ll have to, but that’s not the point.

First endorses Suzie’s as our No.1 Jamaican patty. And not just for chicken. We don’t rate the chickpea or vegetable so much but the ackee and sailfish is also excellent but baked more like a pastry.

Special mention to the patties at Devon House. But then those aren’t proper patty-shaped and we’re a little conservative.

Suzie’s Bakery, 20 Barbican Road: 970-4571