Art & Design

The Trouble with Clovis

Photographs by Peter Dean Rickards

The cartoonist of the Jamaica Observer newspaper, Clovis Brown’s daily musings have been distressing politicians since the 1980’s. Other times they are happily ordering their likenesses from him. Originally inspired by Conan the Barbarian – yes, the cartoon that was made into the Arnie movie – Clovis is really a nice guy who attracts the ladies due to his attentive ways. But still someone unafraid to draw a badman cop like Renato Adams posing in his briefs.

clovisadams.gifWhat led you to start drawing cartoons and how did you become a professional?

At schooI I used to do a lot of drawing in my exercise book and the kids used to carry their books to me and say, “Clovis, fill these up with drawing for me nah!”

I used to draw a large crowd at school.

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