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Win the lottery in Jamaica? Get a beard.

Beg yu a bills nuh?

Like many Jamaicans FIRST kind of gave up buying Lotto tickets after the US$240 million went ‘unclaimed’. And like Jamaicans are want to do, FIRST had ‘invested’ significant $ in this particular ponzi scheme only to come out like we all had in Cash Plus and Olint.

So today we do at least feel better to know that someone has indeed won, a ‘Mr S Clarke, a farmer from Manchester who very cooly waited one-and-a-half months before claiming his winnings.

His reaction to the win, as reported by the Observer? Gayle told his friends he was “going home to have a bath and go to bed.” And as for the long wait: “I decided to take the time to relax and sort myself out.”

We rate this guy. And for everyone else: just allow him to leave in peace. He plans to invest in real estate and farming.