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The Last Don X 2010 Reggae Film Festival

Locked up since last summer after just one screening in Kingston, DiMaggio: The Last Don by the Rickards Bros. has spent more time on a stored hard drive than flickering across the faces of unsuspecting audiences, and for good reason.

Besides the fact that it is headed to the NY Television festival in the fall, we wanted to be sure that every audience from Kingston to New York are as surprised by the film (which is actually a television pilot) as the KOTE crowd was at Redbones last year.

Surprise, after all, is just another weapon of the underdog in an arsenal that included just one camera, one microphone, zero lights and a twelve dollar tripod. So, what’s it really all about?

Well, the official line is that it’s a documentary-comedy-drama which draws upon material gathered by mic-ing local record producer Josef Bogdanovich, AKA The Last Don, and interviews with the people who know and work with him – musicians, businesspersons, media and regular working people.

Unofficially, some suggest its like watching a speedier, more foul-mouthed Larry David tearing around Jamaica promoting dancehall while flipping everyone the proverbial bird. A flattering description we think, but Larry David this ain’t.

Check out the second public screening of DiMaggio: The Last Don at the 2010 Reggae Film Festival tomorrow at the Cove, 2 Winchester Avenue, New Kingston (11 p.m.). But please, no ganja smoking as decent people will be there.