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Ten convenient truths about environmentalism


You really wouldn’t mind having a drink with George Bush and chatting about his admiration for Daniel Day Lewis’ character in ‘There Will Be Blood’. But listening to Al Gore and his slides, you’ll want to drink yourself into a coma. Now says Wired magazine, A/C is fine…

The magazine examines at the some of the truths we hold to be but shouldn’t and some that might surprise, like buying a used car and not a hybrid (we can’t afford one anyway) and 10…prepare for the worst

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The KKK: For God, Race and Country


For so many reasons, they’re easy to belittle, the Ku Klux Klan. But try getting Jamaican Jonathan Whyte to laugh about them, after their acronym was burnt on his family lawn in Oregon, USA this week. Photojournalist Christopher Capozziello takes a look inside a ‘Klavern’.

Very, very weird.

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Firefox 3 next month: Browser wars


The launch of Firefox 3 next month looks set to spark renewed competition in the Internet browser market.

Already Microsoft has unveiled a test version of its Internet Explorer 8. Meanwhile Apple has adopted unpopular Microsoft-style tactics to get their Safari browsers onto people’s computers.

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Boogie in Caracas

I went there with a pregnant wife and without doing any research at all. Big mistake.

I found Caracas to have some very negative energy. People seemed not to like tourists, almost no one speaks English, and police are very intimidating. They pulled me out of the cab once for no reason and frisked me. Wherever you go, people look at you in a weird way, like they don’t want you there. Very weird.

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