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The first independent British record label came from Jamaica

As the music industry continues to slide, ‘Independents Day’ celebrates the contribution made by the music lovers before suits, coke fiends and then downloads took over.

Chris Blackwell’s Island Records was the first, founded almost 50 years ago.

But most of all, it was about Grace Jones, says Grace…

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Buy a home in Jamaica: Gated community only US$1.6m

But then that will get you a four-bedroom, four-bath villa with ocean views and a pool in a gated community in Montego Bay.

Most houses in Jamaica have outdoor space, pools, gazebos or patios edged in bougainvillea.

I live in Kingston with a door and some windows.

But you’re rich? Look HERE


Source: International Herald Tribune

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You’re on You Tube! (Well…the court case at least)

A court has ordered You Tube to hand over records of every video ever watched on the site, including users’ names and IP addresses – i.e. YOU. Viacom, which is suing owners Google, wants the data to prove the popularity of copyrighted material and increase their legal liability.

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Source: Wired

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The Sweet Vandals make the greatest ever car ad music

An unlikely car, the Fiat Bravo and an even more unlikely band, the Sweet Vandals. They’re from Spain, she sings in English but…it’s just great.

If the ad’s not enough you can listen to the full length version of the song Beautiful HERE; or their live session on Spanish TV HERE.

Funky Spaniards


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