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A Beautiful Nerd

Remember that girl in grade 6 who’s head you used to pound with chalkbrush erasers?

The one with the funny name whose lunch smelled.

The geek who would sit alone in the corner of the cafeteria, eating fried bologna and chocolate milk; stopping every now and then to peer nervously over her thick Coca-Cola bottle eyeglasses as if on constant alert for any incoming spitballs?

Remember her?

You flung mud at her once and poisoned her goldfish that she brought in for ‘Pet Day’–then laughed when she tried to revive it with mouth-to-mouth.

That’s how she got the name Fishlips.

Ah, that nerdy girl…even if you don’t remember her, she remembers you.

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Lonely Planet ‘travel writer’ downplays lies

twat6.pngA former Lonely Planet travel writer who provoked controversy after he admitted he did not always visit the places he reviewed today played down the “hyperbole” surrounding his revelations.

Thomas Kohnstamm’s book Do Travel Writers Go to Hell? contains tales of living with a prostitute, dealing drugs and in one case, writing about Colombia, without actually visiting the country.

“They didn’t pay me enough to go to Colombia,” he told Australia’s Sunday Herald Sun newspaper.

“I wrote the book in San Francisco. I got the information from a chick I was dating who was in an intern in the Colombian consulate.”

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