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FIRST People: Devon Gordon's art of extreme patience

Artist Devon Gordon. Photography: Biggy Biggz

Driving through Arnett Gardens we noticed a long stretch of graffiti on one side of Greenwich Park Road. Glancing across to the other side we glimpsed this amazing mural, maybe 40-foot long, and stretching from one side of a building to the other.

That being a lazy day we’d actually been filling time looking for new murals south of Cross Roads and found nothing. But this was something else: made of blocks, the wall hadn’t just been painted but the shapes and faces also hand-carved into it.

While we stared at it like tourists, artist Devon Gordon soon appeared; chisel and sandpaper in hand. Despite his talents, Gordon remains unemployed and so lacks the funds he needs to buy the remaining paint.

“Could be done in a couple of months,” he shrugged. Continue reading