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Haiti: Where tourism's being killed off, not tourists

haiti.jpgWe complain about the reputation Jamaica has and how it might scare off the tourists. But spare a thought for how it affects Haiti, and their murder rate is just one-ninth of ours.

From having a flourishing tourism industry a few decades ago, flying into today’s Port-au-Prince you’re more likely to be sat alongside an aid worker, Christian missionary or probably a journalist.

Yes, despite its poverty and political instability the country remains one of the safest destinations in the region. Which is why, Mr and Mrs Tourist, it’s sometimes good to ignore the news.

Even the Haitian Diaspora is not immune to such reports.

“I have major security concerns,” said one Haitian-Canadian ‘performance poet and social activist’. “I’m entitled to some protection because I am an international artist.”

Okay then.

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Source: Christian Science Monitor

Food, Travel & Leisure

Haiti’s tourism dreams deferred by riots – Miami Herald


No matter how insulated tourists are in their all-inclusives, bad news can severely dent Caribbean economies, given how dependent we are on the business.

Haiti for all it’s problems – their official tourism site even features a section on child adoption – has a growing tourism product, the thought of which surprises us even here in Jamaica.

What’s more the ‘Pearl of the Antilles’ faces nothing like the murder rate of Jamaica and still the tourists keep flocking here.

We won’t shoot the tourists!

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