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FIRST People: Devon Gordon's art of extreme patience

Artist Devon Gordon. Photography: Biggy Biggz

Driving through Arnett Gardens we noticed a long stretch of graffiti on one side of Greenwich Park Road. Glancing across to the other side we glimpsed this amazing mural, maybe 40-foot long, and stretching from one side of a building to the other.

That being a lazy day we’d actually been filling time looking for new murals south of Cross Roads and found nothing. But this was something else: made of blocks, the wall hadn’t just been painted but the shapes and faces also hand-carved into it.

While we stared at it like tourists, artist Devon Gordon soon appeared; chisel and sandpaper in hand. Despite his talents, Gordon remains unemployed and so lacks the funds he needs to buy the remaining paint.

“Could be done in a couple of months,” he shrugged. Continue reading

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Does anyone in Jamaica actually drink this?

Last year, gay rights groups in the United States chose this as one of the Jamaican products to boycott. Meantime, we don’t know anybody who drinks this local product, locally. Everyone drinks Appleton Special but getting advanced in years means we can appreciate that overproof rum, which, while it may be a lot stronger, still leaves you with a much cleaner hangover in the morning. But then, none of us looks this suave either…

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Ethiopian jazz vs Cirque du Soleil

Our Good German friends at .Seen turned us onto Mulatu Astatke, an Ethiopian jazz musician most recently sampled by Damian Marley and Nas – a case of the original remaining far more compelling than the tune sampling it. Astatke’s work is easy to find for download but first try this: his tune My Gubel as the soundtrack to some weird circus party:

Go to. Seen to read/listen more HERE
The Economist on Ethiopia’s jazz revival HERE

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Cruelty to tourists

When you pack tourists into an all-inclusive they can be persuaded to do pretty much anything, no matter how embarrassing, just as long as they’ve had the right mix of sunburn and free liquor.

Like how Sandals had the genius to persuade generations of tourists to wave like schoolchildren as the planes flew above its flagship Montego Bay property, instead of allowing them to complain about the noise nuisance.

“Yah Mon! Great rhythm!”