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Does anyone in Jamaica actually drink this?

Last year, gay rights groups in the United States chose this as one of the Jamaican products to boycott. Meantime, we don’t know anybody who drinks this local product, locally. Everyone drinks Appleton Special but getting advanced in years means we can appreciate that overproof rum, which, while it may be a lot stronger, still leaves you with a much cleaner hangover in the morning. But then, none of us looks this suave either…


First returns… again

First Magazine was started in Kingston, Jamaica in December 2004 as a 7×7-inch print magazine.

Thanks to the the vision and assistance of Lithographic Printers in Kingston, First published four issues and 40,000 copies of the 7×7 inch magazine. The magazine was critically acclaimed and impossible to duplicate since it was structure-less; dependent on the unique and unpredictable nature of daily life as opposed to themes or subjects aimed at target groups.

The magazine stopped printing in 2005 after four issues. With a shift towards a blog, the new First remains true to its original intent while providing a powerful new platform for new contributors drawn from around the world–but all leading back to the foundation in Kingston.

As before, the magazine will reflect upon modern life in Jamaica, and like Jamaicans themselves, it will continually look outward – observing, absorbing and reinventing the world surrounding it.

You can email us at or reach us via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Welcome back.

Food, Travel & Leisure

First recommends: See Jamaica away from the crowds

For those who might get bored sharing the same square feet of beach with the same lardy sunbathers day-in, day-out: Kingston and surrounding area > Portland > Treasure Beach. It’s idiot proof and you’ll leave feeling like you actually experienced the country, lying on the beach included.


Kingston: Place to be

Kingston is the capital of the country, yes. But it’s also the last place most tourists seemingly want to go and neither does much effort go into marketing the place, which is a shame. Continue reading

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Taking a trip into space will inspire your business

Open source software is gradually taking off in Jamaica, with the government having integrated it into their IT strategy. One inspiration of that shift would be Mark Shuttleworth, whose open source Ubuntu operating system, can be found on the computers of more discerning local techies.

Shuttleworth was already worth US$500 million when he took a shuttle into space, costing a cool US$20 million, but then he’d just made all that money selling his web start-up. And gazing down on the earth he saw the light…

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Encylopedia of Sandwiches


Back in March Esquire magazine ran this great food feature, which had you almost sniffing the page. Something all men need: Encylopedia of Sandwiches.

They were good enough to put a selection online: Tuna melt, chicken-parm hero with sausage, steak sandwich, catfish sloppy joe, rich boy and our favourite, the Italian breakfast sandwich (see below).

Mac’s deli on Hope Road does the best – surprisingly cheap – sandwiches in Kingston. But these have been lovingly crafted by some of the world’s finest sandwich chefs, or just as their father used to make them.

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