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Jamaica nuff problems…by Sherman

Successive administrations have mismanaged, misappropriated and now this administration has finally sold Air Jamaica. I am disappointed but I understand the need to get rid of the national airline. It has been such a financial drain on Jamaica for so long. Why should we be angry now? Continue reading

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A golden generation remembered

Cy Grant RIP

During World War II a remarkable generation of Jamaicans – think future prime minister Michael Manley, Olympian Arthur Wint and Pan-African activist Dudley Thompson – donned the uniforms of the Royal Air Force (RAF), served, and sometimes died, defending the British Empire. And little thanks they got. Continue reading

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Cuba and Jamaica best friends again – where's Uncle Sam?

Note: We’re the bit behind the sign, bottom right.

Hosting a delegation from the Jamaican government, Cuba has declared relations between the two countries to be at a high point. Kind of interesting given that its the JLP that’s in power here and that they are historical opposed to Fidel Castro, a big friend of the opposition PNP.

So what does that say about: (i) Cuba’s ongoing liberalisation and (ii) the declining influence of the United States in the Caribbean?

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