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Galveston Giant: The Story of Jack Johnson

jack.pngA black man is speeding through the streets of Chicago in a luxury car during the early 1900s. He’s stopped by a white cop. The officer, taking in what the ride must have cost, the blonde sitting by the man’s side and the gold-plated dashboard – and getting angrier the more he sees – starts to write out a ticket.

‘How much is this all gonna cost me, boy?’ asks the black man.

‘About 50 of them hard-earned dollars you been making,’ replies the policeman. In those days skilled labour paid less than two dollars a day.

Smiling, the black man takes a huge bank roll from his pocket, peels off a hundred dollar bill and, offering it to the cop, says, ‘Here boy, you pay it. And hold on to the change…’ Putting the car into gear he pecks his blonde companion’s forehead. ‘Cause I’m coming back the same gawddamn way.’

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