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The sad, lonely world of a sad, lonely blogger

gawker.jpg is really not healthy for people’s souls. Nonetheless those with low self-esteem and a little bit more literacy than people who admit to liking BET will keep loving the site for its bitchiness. Even better it seems is when readers get a chance to have a gawk inside Gawker itself. Case-in-point is today’s story about a young ex-Gawker blogger who got a little carried away with this whole living online thing. And you know it really, really is overkill when something like that becomes the lead item on the website of popular Gawker target, The New York Times, as it did earlier today.

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Cuba’s Housing Boom

Photo: Jose Goitia for The New York Times

HAVANA — Virtually every square foot of this capital city is owned by the socialist state, which would seem sure to put a damper on the buying and selling of property… But the people of Havana, it turns out, are as obsessed with real estate as, say, condo-crazy New Yorkers, and have similar dreams of more elbow room, not to mention the desire for hot water, their own toilets and roofs that do not let the rain seep indoors.

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American-backed Sunni Militias


At least 100 predominantly Sunni militiamen of the CLC, also known as Awakening Council members, have been killed within the past month. Left, a member of the CLC warmed himself over a morning fire in southern Arab Jabour, a rural, overwhelmingly Sunni area less than 10 miles southeast of Baghdad on the Tigris River.

SOURCE : The New York Times – American-backed Sunni Militias (Slideshow)

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Peshawar Under Siege

Photo: The New York Times

A movie poster in the city. Peshawar’s booming business in illicit Western and Indian DVDs has been another target of the militants. Many of the city’s myriad retail outlets have closed after being bombed, or threatened with violence.

SOURCE : The New York Times – Peshawar Under Siege (Slideshow)