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A Beautiful Nerd

Remember that girl in grade 6 who’s head you used to pound with chalkbrush erasers?

The one with the funny name whose lunch smelled.

The geek who would sit alone in the corner of the cafeteria, eating fried bologna and chocolate milk; stopping every now and then to peer nervously over her thick Coca-Cola bottle eyeglasses as if on constant alert for any incoming spitballs?

Remember her?

You flung mud at her once and poisoned her goldfish that she brought in for ‘Pet Day’–then laughed when she tried to revive it with mouth-to-mouth.

That’s how she got the name Fishlips.

Ah, that nerdy girl…even if you don’t remember her, she remembers you.

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Art & Design

David Houncheringer: Are you ready to die today?

Every now and then a photographer shows up on the radar that just makes you wonder what the hell he/she was thinking. This time around we can blame the Swiss. His name is David Houncheringer.

Like many working photographers, Houncheringer applies his imagery to several areas including advertising, editorial and video but it was a particular series titled ‘Would you like to die today?’ that had special appeal to us.

From a Columbine-type school shooting to a hunter caught in a bear trap, the images from Die? series are instantly recognisable as fake, funny and peppered with hilarious hidden details.

So, we got in touch and asked him a few questions.

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