Dominoes: Haitian Style

Photograph: Tyler Hicks/The New York Times

Haiti — There was pain in Jean François’s eyes, real suffering, an awful look of woe.

It might have been that he had little to eat that day, or his lack of a job or any real hope of securing one. Perhaps it stemmed from the squalor in his neighborhood, a sprawling and rather depressing slum of tin-roofed houses.

Looking on, one wanted to help this desperate 29-year-old man, console him, somehow help him break out of what was clearly a deep funk.

But there was nothing to be done. It turns out that Mr. François’s life was not the immediate source of his desperation. It was his losing streak — and the dozens of clothespins clipped onto his face, arms and belly.

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American-backed Sunni Militias


At least 100 predominantly Sunni militiamen of the CLC, also known as Awakening Council members, have been killed within the past month. Left, a member of the CLC warmed himself over a morning fire in southern Arab Jabour, a rural, overwhelmingly Sunni area less than 10 miles southeast of Baghdad on the Tigris River.

SOURCE : The New York Times – American-backed Sunni Militias (Slideshow)

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Peshawar Under Siege

Photo: The New York Times

A movie poster in the city. Peshawar’s booming business in illicit Western and Indian DVDs has been another target of the militants. Many of the city’s myriad retail outlets have closed after being bombed, or threatened with violence.

SOURCE : The New York Times – Peshawar Under Siege (Slideshow)