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Did politics create the wave of terror sweeping Guyana?

wanted-rawlinsdd.jpgThe terror unleashed in Guyana by gang leader Rondell Rawlins has its roots in government-sponsored violence, say some. It’s a similar situation that faces us here in Jamaica and has long retarded crime fighting.

Back in 2002 and faced with a crime wave it is alleged that the Guyanese government formed phantom death squads to solve the problem. It is thought that the likes of Rawlins are a blowback of that period.

In a still unresolved incident in 2006, gunmen invaded the home of government minister Satyadeow Sawh, killing him and three others.

Meanwhile the Rawlins gang have killed 23 people in two incidents alone.

Again like Guyana, we in Jamaica struggle with a situation of massive gun violence and accompanying impunity – an outgrowth of political sponsored violence that began in the 1970s.

Then the politicians armed the criminals against their opponents. Today they can barely control them.

Yet they still talk about cutting crime. The reality is getting further and further away from them.

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