Women of Jamaica: please drop the tattoo thing

“Yes, just urn your head away from the camera and cover your…” Female tattooing is really starting to get FIRST down. Sadly the human eye, no matter how attractive the subject, still can’t work as well as Photoshop.

It baffles us why beautiful, elegant and frequently intelligent women would want to ink themselves up; and always by that same guy who must have learned his trade at Tower Street Correctional Centre.

Ladies, just remember, you’re not livestock.

Seen on a barbershop wall in Port Antonio

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Going cheap in the Caribbean this summer

You don’t think we gave you enough good advice recently? From The New York Times comes a budget guide to holidaying in the Caribbean this summer complete with interactive map.

Good news is that cheap needn’t mean nasty, not here. And so we can agree with them identifying Port Antonio rather than the North Coast as the place to go.

Come to think of it, it’s about time we took a holiday on one of the neighbouring islands. We’re not doing too well with this regional integration thing.

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Illustration by Tony Cenicola/The New York Times; Photograph by Laura Magruder for The New York Times