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How Jamaica changed the voice of teenage Britain


It is one of the mysteries of modern life.

How on earth did a peculiar kind of mockney patois become the default spoken English of a generation of British kids – white, black, Asian; rural, urban; posh, poor (and Ali G)? A new CD offers one solution. An England Story, a musical anthology that charts the impact of Jamaican reggae on British pop culture, is a fascinating survey of the musical scene in which that patois first took hold on these shores.

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The best Red Stripe ads you never saw

This ad (one of several) was created by San Francisco Ad agency Plan B in 2005 having been filmed in Kingston over the course of a week. The ads never made it to air but soon after they were completed they were leaked to YouTube and Red Stripe got some of the best advertising they never really had to pay for.

This clip was shot on 8mm (in one take) at the very un-commercial Killamanjaro Studio in Kingston. If you look close you will see the likes of Paul Elliot, LA Lewis (he’s in everything anyway) and Youthman Promotions.

While we’re sorry these never made it to air, perhaps the lyrics in the clip “war a gwan so mi nah go down deh” may not have been exactly what Red Stripe had in mind.

Oh well.