Jamaica's great hypocritical outrage

Jamaica has become a violent and heartless country where most people have become desensitised to things that would make people in civilised places pass out. Something is blatantly wrong but everyone goes on with their daily life like everything is fine, wake up my people and smell the stench of death around us.

We need to stop hiding behind the excuse that the person must have been involved in some kind of mix up to justify the violence that is perpetrated against them. This is the excuse we use to reassure ourselves that things are not as bad as it seems. Some will wait for a general feel good march or some kind of PR feel good stunt that makes uptown people go back home feeling like they have done their part in curbing the violence… Continue reading

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Sherman's Reggae Nation

Sherman, big in farin reggae circles

Readers of this blog should by now be familiar with the wisdom of Sherman Escoffery, husband, father, jerk specialist, kite-flyer and panty importer.

Sherman doesn’t actually live here anymore – he’s in New York City – but like any other Jamaican in big foreign, that gives him the confidence to pontificate about happenings in the backward place where he sends his remittances (thank you, really). Continue reading

Editorial, First

Jamaica nuff problems…by Sherman

Successive administrations have mismanaged, misappropriated and now this administration has finally sold Air Jamaica. I am disappointed but I understand the need to get rid of the national airline. It has been such a financial drain on Jamaica for so long. Why should we be angry now? Continue reading

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This is Stone Love at The Tropics Nightclub in 1985…

Picture this: You are in this place and all around you are people rocking slowly to the sound of Ken Booth’s version of Everything I Own.

All the girls’ man are locked down with their women; then there’s the steppers with their hands cocked as if they are holding an M-16; the hopefuls across the line pointing to the single women across the lawn to let them know their intentions for the night; and the apprentice struggling with two cases of Guinness for the Dads and his crew. 

All of a sudden there is a change in the music, and Cancer takes to the mike bigging up all the hot steppers. The slow mourning sound of Black Uhuru General Penitentiary flows from the dual 18-inch speakers in the column of boxes positioned in the four corners of the lawn. Continue reading

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The cancer in Jamaican music


Jamaican music has caught up to the politics of country to be a broken wasteland of noise that is filled with incompetent, narcissistic people who have no allegiance or care to anything but themselves. The thing is that everyone wants to act like this just happened when it didn’t. This cancer of noise has been spreading and slowly eating away at our music for over 15 going on to 20 years.

In the early 90’s when a lot of dancehall acts started interacting with American labels, a lot of the producers, musicians, artists and managers took the money and didn’t invest in quality music but instead short changed the music. Talk to someone like Sly Dunbar and he will tell you about a lot of so called reputable producers/musicians that got free work from their peers, with the idea of reciprocity. They did not credit a lot of their peers that worked on their initial projects and those that did get credit were credited as work for hire; and a lot of favours weren’t returned for the initial free work. Continue reading