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Jamaican tales of expatriate life and death

Expats really live a nice life. Nice house uptown, nice SUV and pretty girls looking for visas. But were you reading Harper’s Magazine in 1861, things would’ve seemed a lot worse…

“The title that I have given to this chapter of woe is a metaphorical one. I was not, like Columbus, exactly wrecked upon the coast of Jamaica. I was simply banished there by an Esculapian ukase, and forbidden, under penalty of death, to leave the island for six months. In this light, then, I was cast away, and – may Heaven be thanked for all its mercy! – I live to record the fact.”

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Andrea Levy's Long Story

Through a succession of novels Andrea Levy has recounted the experience of Jamaicans in Britain stretching back to the days of the Empire Windrush, with her most acclaimed work, Small Island – now serialised on BBC television.

Her recently published novel, the Long Story, goes back further to an early 19th century slave plantation and the years before emancipation. Haven’t read it yet but given her previous work you’d expect it to be another valuable insight into this shared history: good and bad.

Read the review in the UK Daily Telegraph: HERE