First returns… again

First Magazine was started in Kingston, Jamaica in December 2004 as a 7×7-inch print magazine.

Thanks to the the vision and assistance of Lithographic Printers in Kingston, First published four issues and 40,000 copies of the 7×7 inch magazine. The magazine was critically acclaimed and impossible to duplicate since it was structure-less; dependent on the unique and unpredictable nature of daily life as opposed to themes or subjects aimed at target groups.

The magazine stopped printing in 2005 after four issues. With a shift towards a blog, the new First remains true to its original intent while providing a powerful new platform for new contributors drawn from around the world–but all leading back to the foundation in Kingston.

As before, the magazine will reflect upon modern life in Jamaica, and like Jamaicans themselves, it will continually look outward – observing, absorbing and reinventing the world surrounding it.

You can email us at or reach us via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Welcome back.