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The Take Five Company

The other day during my regular trawl through deviantArt I stumbled across the work of a person calling himself ‘Razead’ who had a pretty interesting portfolio that for some reason reminded me of dirty ashtrays in the armchairs of passenger jets.

The stuff looked a bit grimy but pretty unique and also kind of funny, so I sent Razead an email asking him if he’d be interested in collaborating on some work. Well, he wrote back and sent me a link to his website. Turns out Razead is a Russian guy named Theo Sorokin who was running a ‘company’ called Take Five out of Paris.

After a closer look at the large collection of work which included drawings, illustration, photography and photo-manipulation(which is what first caught my eye), I sent him a few photographs. And he returned them after running them through what looks like a dirty scanner and a few random jazz images scooped from probably the weirdest Flickr page I’ve ever seen.

I decided to ask him a few questions.

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