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First recommends: See Jamaica away from the crowds

For those who might get bored sharing the same square feet of beach with the same lardy sunbathers day-in, day-out: Kingston and surrounding area > Portland > Treasure Beach. It’s idiot proof and you’ll leave feeling like you actually experienced the country, lying on the beach included.


Kingston: Place to be

Kingston is the capital of the country, yes. But it’s also the last place most tourists seemingly want to go and neither does much effort go into marketing the place, which is a shame. Continue reading

Literature & Stories

Calabash: When two writers go to war


Okay, it’s not exactly Thursday Night at the Fights but Nobel Laureates Derek Walcott vs Naipaul, it’s on. St Lucian Walcott used the Calabash stage to call his Trinidadian counterpart a “rodent” this weekend.

The insult was part of a poem Walcott read out, dedicated to getting upset about Naipaul, while being interviewed during the literature festival. He also got upset about painting and colonialism.

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