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Wicker furniture unlike your grandparents'

The FIRST office has been kind of bare, actually it’s been more like an empty room with a table and chair. But as for wicker furniture, that something we remember as being from an older generation, surviving weather-beaten but still white-painted on your grandparents’ patio or in resort accommodation that saw better days in the 1970s.


A few months ago, driving along Hope Road we noticed a sign advertising this sale…and what turned out to be a nice three-seat wicker sofa for just $12,000. A family-run business, operated by son David Myrie, they also custom-build furniture, including from other designers and a holiday villa or two.

In charge for a little more than two years, David is trying to grow the business. Currently it’s mostly word-of-mouth, and tucked behind the Bookophelia store (his family own the complex), it lacks the shopfront presence of Courts, but then again, some things are worth looking for.

Increasingly they are, he says: “A lot of older people love the traditional patio stuff so when young people come by, and they’ve previously heard ‘wicker’, then they’ve got their grandparents furniture at the back their mind. Instead they’ll find more contemporary stuff which puts a new face on wicker.”

Exquisite build their furniture by wrapping their whicker around hollow steel, which makes it sturdier. They also do repairs – someone’s old white patio set was in the shop when we visited yesterday.

Some prices (approx.):

– Glass-topped table: $30,000
– Chair: $35,000
– Book-shelf: $15,000

Contact: 927-9338 or


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